Do We Have It Backwards?


Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost, in their book Shaping of Things To Come share how Jesus should shape our understanding of the Mission of God and the form and function of the church.  In other words, the purpose of our lives should reflect the Mission that Jesus carries out; and our form and function of church should look like Jesus.

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I wonder sometimes if we get it wrong.   Have you ever set back and listened to what people are concerned about at church?  Often times these concerns have little to do with Jesus.

Do we have it backwards?

Read what Hirsch and Frost have to say about this:

Our Christology informs our missiology, which in turn determines our ecclesiology. If we get this the wrong way around and allow our notions of the church to qualify our sense of purpose and mission, we can never be disciples of Jesus, and we will never be an authentic missional church. Churches that have got this basic formula wrong never really engage in mission and so lose touch with Jesus. These churches spend all their time discussing (or arguing) about the forms of worship, the church furniture, and the timing of services and programs, and fail to recognize that our ecclesiology flows more naturally out of our sense of mission. These churches become closed sets as a result, and their experience of Jesus at the center fades into a memory of the time when they were really doing something. It becomes a matter of history rather than an experience of mission now. It is important to recover the idea that the church connects with Jesus through mission, not through getting church meetings right!

What do you think?

Do we have it backwards?

Do our traditions of church shape a misunderstanding of Jesus and the Mission of God?

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