What is Faith?


What is Faith?

Faith is the virtue of the month of February at Journey Church.  Each month we focus on a virtue to be discussed and practiced.

So what is Faith?  Here is what NT Wright has to say about it:


  • Faith in the New Testament covers a wide area of human trust and trustworthiness, merging into love at one end of the scale and loyalty at the other.
  • Within Jewish and Christian thinking faith in God also includes belief, accepting certain things as true about God, and what he has done in the world (e.g. bringing Israel out of Egypt; raising Jesus from the dead).
  • For Jesus, ‘faith’ often seems to mean ‘recogniz­ing that God is decisively at work to bring the kingdom through Jesus’.
  • For Paul, ‘faith’ is both the specific belief that Jesus is Lord and that God raised him from the dead (Romans 10.9) and the response of grateful human love to sovereign divine love (Galatians 2.20).
  • This faith is, for Paul, the solitary badge of membership in God’s people in Christ, marking them out in a way that Torah, and the works it prescribes, can never do.

This takes us to the question, “how can I practice faith?”

One significant way to practice faith is by trusting God is at work bringing about His Kingdom in the life of others.  There is a real temptation to point out the shortcomings of others, gossiping about the struggles that they are having.

Trusting God that He is bringing life to the places of death in others lives is a matter of faith.  Our job is to partner with God to speak life and truth into others, not condemn them.

I believe that my God is big enough to transform people.  I trust Him to do his part and to help me do my part.  I desire to have a faith that sees how God is moving in the lives of others.

Ok – so there is one way that we can practice the virtue of faith.  Not it is your turn.

What are other ways to practice the virtue of faith?


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